Shrooms House – A Spectacular New Magical Mushroom Shop

A whimsical new magical mushroom shop has opened in Portland, despite being totally illegal. And it looks exactly like a regular store, complete with a sign that even looks like a house. KIRO 7 spoke to some of its customers, including a mom who microdoses psychedelic mushrooms every few days to keep her depression and anxiety at bay. And another who built his dream home while tripping on psychedelics.

This is a premium blend of mushrooms shrooms house that will help you feel psychotropic effects similar to THC edibles. But instead of feeling a rush from the first few minutes, these edibles will build over time, creating long-lasting effects that are more grounding and body-heavy. They’ll still catapult you to the Kuiper belt, but the ride may be more of a magic carpet than a rocket ship.

\Inside the Whimsical World of Shrooms House: A Magical Retreat

In December, police raided Shrooms House and seized 22 pounds of psilocybin, a hallucinogen found in certain types of mushrooms, which is only legal to sell in a medical setting in Oregon. During the raid, officers also seized $13,000 in cash. The owners of the store, 32-year-old Steven Tachie and 42-year-old Jeramiahs Geronimo, were arrested on felony charges. But it’s not clear if authorities will pursue any action against the store’s customers. After all, Shrooms House required all patrons to fill out applications for membership in the “Shroom House Society,” which asked for their names and addresses.