Types of Soundproofing Materials

Soundproofing materials are a wide range of products that can be used to reduce unwanted noise pollution. This can be anything from clattering cutlery in a noisy restaurant to conversations taking place in an office building, there is a soundproofing material available for every scenario. The main goal is to help control sound transmission and absorption from one area to another to prevent disturbing neighbours or colleagues. This link :https://sound-absorbent-panels.co.uk

Usually used in the home, commercial buildings and music studios these types of acoustic insulation panels are designed to be extremely effective at blocking airborne noise and vibrations. These acoustic insulators are typically made from dense and heavy materials that increase their mass to minimise the transfer of sound.

Soundproofing Solutions: Top Materials Available in the UK

They often consist of multiple layers that include a perforated facia for diffusion, an internal layer of acoustic plasterboard or Tecsound and a heavy core acoustic foam. They have been designed with a very high NRC rating meaning that they can achieve a very high level of sound reduction.

A variety of door seals and sweeps are also available that can be inserted into doors or door frames to stop any gaps in a building that could transmit sounds. This is a vital part of any soundproofing project as tiny gaps can make a massive difference to the overall effect.

Now often known as acoustic insulation, this is typically a combination of recycled paper fibres and fire retardant material that is blown into ceiling and wall cavities. This forms a thick and very effective layer of both thermal and sound insulation. However, it requires specialist equipment to install and can be prone to dampness issues if water should come into contact with it.