Ab Workout Kettlebell Exercises

Using a kettlebell to perform ab workouts is a great way to challenge your core and give you some variety in your routine. However, you should only use ab workout kettlebell for exercises that are appropriate for your fitness level and that will not strain your back or spine.

The best ab workout kettlebell exercises are those that involve a lot of bodyweight resistance and progressive overload. They also stimulate Type-II muscle fibers, which are crucial for core development and stability.

Plank row – a kettlebell plank row is an excellent exercise for developing your upper abdominals, hips, and shoulders. It can be performed on the floor or with a barbell attached to a pulley.

Kettlebell Exercises for a Stronger, More Defined Core

Lateral swing – a lateral swing is another kettlebell exercise that targets your stabilizer muscles and obliques. It has a big impact on your bracing capacity and is a good movement to practice standing tall under heavy loads, says Duncan.

Farmer’s carry – aka farmer’s walk is another great core-building exercise for building total body strength. This is a variation of the farmer’s carry, where you hold the kettlebell in your left hand down directly at your side.

As you walk forward, your torso needs to be squared forward and your body in a straight line from head to toe throughout the movement. The best rep range is 15-40 yards (meters) per side. If you have limited space, walk back and forth for reps. This is a great core workout that you can do any time, anywhere.