How to Properly Remove a Tree

If you own a tree that is leaning out of shape or is causing a safety hazard, it might be time to remove it. However, removing a tree can be tricky. A tree that is falling out of shape can be dangerous and should be removed by professionals. Trees near power lines are difficult to remove, as they can’t be cut down in one piece.

Can I remove a tree myself?

The first step is to get a permit. This depends on the municipality where the tree is located. Generally, trees six and a half feet or larger cannot be removed without a permit. In some communities, such as San Jose, a permit is required for any tree removal that is at least two feet above the ground.

Once you’ve obtained a permit, you may be able to work on the tree yourself. You’ll need a chainsaw or hand saw to cut it down. Also, be sure that you’ve cleared the area around the tree. Make sure to have adequate space for the tree to lay flat once it’s removed.

Regardless of your tree’s size, you’ll need to prepare the area surrounding it. This includes clearing any obstacles and making sure the area is safe. If the tree is near a structure, you might want to consider putting an alternative path through the area to make it easier for a tree removal service to access the tree.

Before hiring a tree removal service, you’ll need to check their insurance. Be sure to look for a company that carries both liability and worker’s compensation insurance. These two types of insurance protect the business in case an accident occurs.



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