Hookah Vault

Hookah Vault

Located in City West, this shisha bar has an Oriental flair to it and is a favorite among the highest echelons of the noble class. It is not uncommon to see members of parliament, knights, and lords gambling unreal amounts of money here. The presence and sponsorship of such individuals protects the casino from City Watch raids and problems related to their line of work.

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The place is well set up with a nice variety of vapes and hookah/hookah accessories at reasonable prices. The staff is also quite knowledgeable and is willing to help if needed. There are also a few games and a comfortable lounge area for relaxing in. Learn more : https://www.smokemama.com/hookah-vault-enhancing-your-smoking-experience/

You can choose from a wide selection of flavors and blends, from fruity to creamy and spicy. You can even select a blend with a high nicotine content to get a stronger buzz. These premium blends are priced differently than the regular flavors and come in tins and boxes that you can take home with you.

A few croupiers who are acolytes of the God of Gambling run the tables here. They are trained to spot any luck-altering magic and alert security immediately. In addition, there is a green slaadi with an eye-catching white suit and wig who sings Elvis cover songs in the Casino on Thursdays and Fridays. He explains to people that he is not an Elvis impersonator, but he likes the name. He also sings some of his own hits on request.