Jobs in Foster Care

There are a variety of jobs in foster care that can provide you with the opportunity to make a difference in children’s lives. From working in an adoption agency to supporting and training foster parents, there is no shortage of positions that allow you to work with the young people who are placed into foster homes and the families and agencies involved with their care. If you are drawn to a challenge that will push your critical thinking skills jobs in foster care, then these kinds of roles might be a good fit for you.

Foster Care Myths and Facts: What London Agencies Want You to Know

Those who work in foster care are often required to have patience, empathy and excellent communication skills must be able to relate to the emotional needs of the youths in their care and to communicate with the foster child’s parents as well as the appropriate agency representatives. This is especially true if you work with teenage mothers who have their own infants in foster care.

It’s important for foster workers to understand that the needs of these children can change suddenly and quickly. In these instances, they must be able to rely on a network of friends and family who are willing to watch the children while they take care of their own personal needs or work.

A new study reveals that an alarming share of youths who age out of the foster care system fail to find steady employment. The study identifies a number of reasons for this dismal employment rate, including the fact that many youths leave foster care without the skills they need to get a job and maintain a job.