Kanna Extract Dosage

kanna extract dosage

Kanna is considered a safe herb at low doses, and its side effects are generally mild. Most of the benefits of kanna are associated with its anti-anxiety and mood enhancing properties. It acts as a SSRI by limiting serotonin reuptake in the brain and can be used with caution if you’re taking other SSRIs or MAOIs (medications that affect the enzymatic breakdown of serotonin).

The most common way people take kanna extract dosage is as a sublingual tincture (placed under the tongue) to bypass stomach and liver metabolism. This is the most bioavailable form of kanna and 50-150 mg produces subtle effects while 200-400 mg has medium effect.

Another common use is to make kanna tea by mixing the plant material with hot water. This process leaches the alkaloids out and makes it easy to digest. This is the most popular way to consume kanna and you can experiment with dosages up to 1 gram.

Mastering Kanna Extract Dosage: A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Perfect Balance

In early clinical research, kanna has been shown to improve cognitive flexibility and executive function. However, larger studies are needed to demonstrate this effect.

In addition to reducing state anxiety and improving cognition, kanna is reported to act as an analgesic, reduces fatigue and increases energy use through a mechanism involving the activation of the VMAT2 receptor. It’s also reported to boost self-esteem and feelings of euphoria, as well as increase skin and touch sensitivity. While uncontrolled traditional use of kanna can produce intoxicated excitation, controlled dosages are reported to cause a more calming and soothing effect that decreases feelings of stress, tension, depression, and anxiety.