Mens Pajama Tops and Trousers

mens pajama tops

Whether you’re looking to upgrade that 5-pack of XXL Hanes tees you’ve been wearing to bed, or you’ve just decided to give the fluffy terry bathrobe a well-deserved retirement, it’s time to elevate your sleepwear. And nothing does that better than a proper pair of mens pajama tops, paired with matching trousers.

Traditionally, these sets will include either a mens pajama tops or long sleeved shirt. Some will also feature decorative piping along the collar or other edges, and most mens pajama tops will be finished with an adjustable waistband, typically using elastic, drawstring or both. The pants are typically straight cut and will be finished with a fly or buttoned front. They may also feature a back pocket, although these are less common in the United States.

Pajama Tops for All Seasons: Finding Your Ideal Sleepwear

When it comes to the fabric choices for men’s PJs, cotton is perhaps the most common, and it can be found in a wide range of styles. For the more refined sleeper, however, linen is a particularly good option. Its unique, wrinkly look is prized among menswear aficionados, and the way that it softens over time makes it even more comfortable.

A step up from linen is silk. While it’s undeniably luxurious, it is also the most expensive of all options for pajamas and dressing gowns, with a pair of PJs costing around $600 to $800, and a silk dressing gown coming in at close to $3,000. There are, of course, alternatives to both of these, including wool and velvet, which offer a more affordable and durable solution.