Netball Court Resurfacing

Netball Court Resurfacing

Netball Court Resurfacing is a fast-paced sport that requires both skill and dexterity, it’s therefore important that your facility provides the correct quality surface to ensure that players remain safe. A run down netball court will not only reduce participation rates but may also lead to accidents and injury, so a full resurfacing of the sports space is highly recommended if you’re looking for an upgrade.

There are several different options for resurfacing your netball court, depending on the level of investment you’re willing to make and the playing qualities you require. Our specialist resurfacing contractors [POSTCODE] have extensive experience installing a range of different netball surfaces and can provide expert advice on the best solution for your requirements.

Netball Court Maintenance: When and How to Resurface Your Court

A complete resurfacing of your netball court could involve ripping up the existing surfacing and replacing it with a new layer of macadam or polymeric rubber sports flooring. The new surfacing can then be improved with a non-slip-coloured coating to improve the appearance of your sports space and enhance its performance characteristics.

Alternatively, our self-draining LOKFLOR netball surfaces can be fitted over an existing macadam or concrete sports surface. These long-lasting, all-weather courts allow play to resume shortly after rain has stopped and are extremely easy to maintain. The non-slip textured surface has a grip that helps players to keep their footing on the surface even during wet conditions. All of our surface types and paint coatings are porous and Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SuDS) compliant, allowing water to drain away from the sports facility without flooding or causing damage.