Sewer Pipe Test Plugs

sewer pipe test plugs

Sewer pipe testing is an important and necessary process for any plumber to undertake, whether it’s to check the state of your sewer pipes, to make sure that there are no leaks or blockages, or to perform any other form of repair work on your drains and sewer systems. There are a variety of different types of plugs available from various manufacturers such as Drainchem, Eon, Chemstream and others; each of these manufacturers produces a range of differing options for use in different situations. It’s also important to know that the size of plug you need will depend upon how much you are able to stretch it, and also how large the problem may be.

Here Is A Quick Cure For Sewer Pipe Test Plugs

To start with it’s best to try and visually inspect the pipe to identify exactly where the blockage or disruption is located within the pipe, this is normally done using the end of a long flexible wire called a’string’ or ‘tape’ as it is sometimes referred to. By drawing the line across the area and marking the position on the tape, you can then use a digital multimeters to mark the inside diameter of the pipe – this is known as the ‘dipstick’. Once you have this measurement you can then work out roughly the approximate size of sewer pipe test plugs you will need to install. Some manufacturers provide an unbranded version of their own plugs called DAP strips, these are useful if you don’t want to buy a specific brand. Drainclean also sell PVC plugs called Suck plugs, these are useful for cleaning out any sump holes or cracks in the pipe.

Once you have identified the exact plug required, you then need to contact your plumbing contractor and arrange a time to carry out the repairs, either on your own, or at their request. There are a number of companies which specialise in carrying out sewer pipe repairs, it’s always worth talking through your needs with a company before you actually go ahead and book your repairs. This can also save you having to pay a plumbing contractor to come and do the work for you, which can be quite expensive.