Snapchat Campaigns – How to Create the Best Snapchat Campaigns

The best snapchat campaigns s are light, fun, and creative. They should be short, sweet, and to the point — people don’t tend to scroll past ads on Snapchat. Using unique visuals and Snapchat filters will grab attention. Ads that include user-generated content are also effective, so try running contests or creating ads that encourage users to submit their own experiences with your brand.

Getting started with Snapchat ads is simple. Once you’ve signed in or created a new account, select “Create Ad” to create an ad set. You can choose between Instant Create (to create a Single Image or Video Ad in five minutes) or Advanced Create (for more control over bidding, budget, and optimization goals).

Mastering Marketing: Strategies from a Snapchat Marketing Agency

Use Snap Ads to reach millennial and Generation Z audiences with a variety of engaging formats. You can drive awareness, inspire consideration, and get conversions with Snapchat’s customizable ad types, pre-defined audience segments, and split test capabilities.

Create sponsored geofilters and lenses to promote your Snapchat campaign in specific locations or during popular events. Snapchatters who see your filter or lens will be able to apply it to their Snaps and take part in the campaign. For example, Netflix promoted its new season of Gilmore Girls by releasing a sponsored geofilter and lens during the Super Bowl, allowing fans to “play” with their hair and add cat ears to their faces. This interactive experience helped the brand reach over 165 million views on its Snapchat ad alone.