The Real World AI by Andrew Tate Review

The Real World AI by Andrew Tate

The andrew tate teaches students about topics like ecommerce, affiliate marketing, cryptocurrency, and creating an “alpha male” mindset. It also provides strategies for making money online, including adult webcam modeling. The course offers daily educational videos and access to a community of fellow entrepreneurs who are currently making six figures or more in passive income.

The course has a chat room feature and offers a variety of tutorials on ecommerce copywriting, social media marketing, paid ads, and long-term investing in the crypto market. Tutors are all multi-millionaires with a proven track record of success. Students learn how to create their own online businesses, and the program is designed to be self-sustaining and not dependent on any particular platform or service.

The Real World AI: Beyond the Hype with Andrew Tate

However, the program has numerous red flags that should raise concerns about its credibility. Its use of questionable marketing tactics and legal dubious shortcuts suggests that it may be encouraging unethical practices rather than a path to sustainable wealth. Its insistence that an alpha male mindset is essential to success should also cause serious concern as it echoes dangerously outdated views on gender.

The course was founded by Andrew Tate, a former US chess champion and European kickboxing champion. He has made millions of dollars in multiple businesses and claims that he can teach anyone how to break free from the matrix and live their best life. He has created a number of other programs, including Hustler’s University, an app that was shut down after accusations of misogyny and being a pyramid scheme.