Vanquis Credit Card Review

Vanquis is a credit card service that is specifically designed for people with bad credit. You can apply for a credit card through the website or via a mobile app. However, you must use it responsibly to avoid damage to your credit rating.

Is Vanquis interest free?

Vanquis offers both Visa and Classic credit cards. Both cards come with features that will help you to build your credit. These include a credit limit that will grow over time, and interest-free purchases for up to 56 days.

The main difference between the two cards is that the classic card has a higher APR. This can be problematic for people with poor credit histories. URL :

On the other hand, the Chrome card is an excellent choice for someone looking to rebuild their credit. Although the variable APR is high, it is still lower than many other credit builder cards.

In addition to offering competitive terms, the Chrome card also offers protection on all purchases. If you find yourself in a bind, you can get a credit limit increase every five months.

However, you will need to pay your credit balance every month. Otherwise, you will end up paying significant interest charges.

The Vanquis website also provides tips on how to manage your account. It allows you to check your balance, make online payments, and even receive text alerts. Also, you can use a pre-printed giro to send cheques to the bank.

Overall, the Vanquis Credit Card is a good choice for those who are seeking a low-cost, fast-clearing credit card. While the card is not meant to be used for long-term borrowing, it can be helpful for those who want to buy goods in the UK or use an ATM overseas.