What is Online News?

Online news is a subset of News that refers to digital articles published on the internet. It includes everything from the traditional newspaper sites you’re used to, like The New York Times and USA Today, to a host of newer “born on the web” outlets. It also includes aggregation apps like Flipboard and Apple News, and social media platforms where news stories are shared. This link: ardentnews.co.kr

Most major news organizations publish their content on their websites. Some have multiple editions with different formats, depending on the audience. For example, a global version of the site might feature different stories from a local perspective or focus on regional issues.

Online News Subscriptions vs. Free Access

Whether a story is written by a journalist or a blogger, good writing techniques are applicable across platforms. When writing a news article, start with the most important information first. Then, work your way down with the other details that need to be included in a story (what, who, when, where, why, how). This is known as the inverted pyramid model and is a standard practice for any news publication.

National Public Radio (NPR) is a non-profit, independent news organization with roots in non-commercial broadcasting. It is funded by the government of the United States and has a well-earned reputation for unbiased journalism. Its website features a mix of top news and in-depth reporting on culture and music. NPR is available in several formats, including podcasts and streaming audio.